About Us

Threjn West Construction, Inc. has over 20 years of experience and our staff is highly qualified and dedicated.  

* Single family residential roof replacements to include asphalt and metal applications in Colorado and Washington state.

* Military Housing: Roofing and fencing installation for residential communities on Fort Lewis Army Base and McChord Air Force Base in Washington State.

* Davis-Bacon wage certification.

* We hold ongoing training and safety seminars to ensure up-to-date styles and techniques and have incorporated a formal safety program.

* Labor warranty non-transferable (3 years).  Material warranty is as per manufacturer.  

Volunteer and Service Projects

Threjn West Construction, Inc. takes pride in being a consultant and volunteer for the Red Feather Development Group.  Red Feather Development Group helps create sustainable housing solutions within reservation communities.


Our Roofing Services

  - Roof Installations  

Specialize in the Application of:

  - Composition
  - Metal


  - Cedar Wood
  - Chain Link